About Us

Flynn Lakes Koi is a specialist supplier of high-quality Koi Carp and Pond construction and maintenance services based on the stunning 17-acre site of Fenland Fisheries in Cambridgeshire. A member of OATA and regularly featured in leading UK Koi magazine Koi talk. Our large store offers customers the chance to see the finest range of Israeli and Japanese Koi at their best within 21 viewing tanks and 3 show ponds.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the highest quality Japanese and Israeli Koi from the leading breeders. We work closely with some of the best wholesalers in the UK to ensure we can obtain the perfect Koi to meet our customer’s needs.

All our Japanese Koi are sourced from Niigata, the Japanese homeland of Koi. Due to the high expertise of our wholesaler, we can offer our customers a choice of the highest quality Japanese Koi from over 50 different breeders

Our Israeli Koi are sourced from Hazorea, one of the best breeders within Israel. Due to our great relationship with one of the largest wholesalers within the UK, we can offer our customers these hand-picked A grade Koi at some truly competitive prices.

Our garden pond design and construction services aim to help you achieve a healthy and safe environment for your fish to thrive, whether that is a small fishpond, a large commercial Koi Pond or a wildlife pond. See some examples of our work on our Portfolio page.

We also stock an extensive range of essential dry goods products and Pond accessories. Offering our customers, a range of products from Oase, Aquasource, JPD, Cloverleaf, and many more via our store