Cloverleaf Automatic Koi Feeders

Cloverleaf Automatic Koi Feeders


Cloverleaf Automatic Koi Feeders

Available in three sizes:

  • Small PF1 – LV (5 litre). 8 Watt
  • Medium PF2 – LV (10 litre). 10 Watt
  • Large PF3 – LV (20 litre). 12 Watt


Cloverleaf Automatic Koi Feeders

Cloverleaf past Automatic koi Feeders range were proven to be extremely successful, but have through redesign now become even more versatile and safer via the introduction of the Mk3 Low Voltage models.

With the transformer integrated into the computerised timer the Cloverleaf auto fish feeders are a breakthrough in both sophistication and exceptional value for money, and will be appreciated by all pond keepers who either have frequent holidays, or by those who are away from their ponds during most of the day.

Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder models remain available in three sizes – the Small PF1-LV (5 litre ), Medium PF2-LV (10 litre) , and Large PF3-LV (20 litre) , with the largest model measuring approx 530mm high x 275 dia.

The timer on the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder can be set for “minutes & seconds” (with 1 second being the ultimate minimum), and as a consequence this makes the autofeeder suitable for the smallest of ponds or even quarantine systems. It is believed that this facility makes the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder totally unique in the value for money stakes.

Feeding small amounts at frequent intervals is scientifically known to be the best of techniques for the benefit of both fish & filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display allows just this. Up to 8 feeds a day over any given period are possible, with full control over the exact amount being fed.

Although the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder are IP55 protected the computer programmer unit needs to be housed in a dry sheltered position. In instances where playful domestic pets or young children have access to the pond the auto feeder casing should ideally be fixed down to the adjacent decking/paving for stability and security using the pre drilled holes provided.

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