Kusuri Staple

Kusuri Staple


Kusuri Staple

  • Necessary ingredients for healthy cold water
  • Can be mixed with any of the Kusuri food range
  • Available in  – 5kg
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Kusuri Staple

Kusuri Staple Ornamental Food is a high quality floating pellet food, containing all of the necessary ingredients for healthy cold water fish including Koi. This food can be mixed with any of the Kusuri food range, to vary the diet of your fish.

Feeding Instructions

Feed this complete food sparingly below 10°C (50°F), twice daily. Only feed what is consumed within 10 minutes. Do not overfeed. Remove any uneaten pellets after this time elapses to avoid polluting the water. This food can be mixed with any of the Kusuri food range to vary your fishes’ diet. Never feed rancid food. Soaking pellets in water or fruit juice can aid better digestion.

Soya (bean) meal, Wheat, Fish meal, Fish oil, Rape seed oil, Vitamins, Minerals, Permitted Anti Fungal/Anti -Oxidant, Yeasts, Dried algae, Betaine.

Basic Analysis:
Trace Elements: E1 Iron 40mg, E2 Iodine 2mg, E4 Copper 5mg, E5 Manganese 15mg, E6 Zinc 100mg. 3b8. 11 Selenium 0.20mg.
Antioxidants: E310 Propyl gallate 6mg, E320 BHA 7mg, E321 BHT 230mg.
Vitamins: E671 Vitamin D3 4500IU, E672 Vitamin A 12000IU.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Oils & Fats 8.0%, Crude Protein 35.0%, Crude Ash 6.6%, Crude Fibre 3.4%, Calcium 0.8%, Phosphorus 1.2%, Sodium 0.3%.

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