LunAqua Power LED XL 3000 Narrow Spot

LunAqua Power LED XL 3000 Narrow Spot


LunAqua Power LED XL 3000 Narrow Spot

  • Perfect illumination for any lighting situation
  • Flexible, extensible system that is suited for installation underwater and above water: The user decides!
  • Permanent safe underwater operation, thanks to robust underwater connection technology and 24 V DC low voltage

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LunAqua Power LED XL 3000 Narrow Spot

Excellent thermal management and high quality assure LED power for over 50,000 light hours.

Safe operation of the spotlights through 24 V DC low voltage, also in swim ponds

Spotlights, drivers and cable suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4 m (protection class IP 68, however standard regulations do not allow underwater use of the driver in swim ponds)

Included in the scope of delivery: 1 spotlight with 5 m cable and 1 ground stake

Accessories additionally required: LunAqua Power LED driver with connection for up to 4 spotlights: 2 x LunAqua Power LED XL or 1 x LunAqua Power LED XL and 2 x LunAqua Power LED or 4 x LunAqua Power LED

For example, 3000 Kelvin makes autumn colours or flowering plants light up

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 145 x 160 x 182
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Lamp power consumption 15 W
Energy efficiency class light fixture F
Weighted energy consumption per lamp kWh/1000h 15
Protection class IP 68
Cable length 24 V device m 5.00
Net weight kg 1.80
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years 2 + 1
Connection EGC No
Bulb type LED
Number of individual LEDs Units 8
Luminous flux lm 1250
Light colour Warm-white
Colour temperature K 3000
Beam angle 10 Degrees

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